I was at King Soopers the Other Day & a Giveaway

It's amazing how you find the most wonderful gems suddenly and randomly, when you really shouldn't be spending any extra money. This is what happened to me at King Soopers the other day when I was grabbing groceries for dinner. 

I guess it is typical of a School Counselor (or just typical of me!) to wander into the toy/arts sections of all stores always keeping an eye out for potential objects for counseling strategies. 

This is an item that I am sure that many of you have heard about, but it wasn't until this fateful day that I decided to actually buy it. They are called Rory's Story Cubes.   

Basically, each side of each cube has an image on it. The challenge is to tell a story connecting all nine Story Cubes once tossed. There are a variety of ways that these can be used in a counselor's office, from having a small group work together to tell a story or for one student during an individual session. 

This could be used as an icebreaker, energizer, or a get to know you activity. 
You can also find tons of other things to do with these cube at their website

I had my husband try these cubes out after he decided the first story I told wasn't creative enough. Ha! It was quite entertaining to hear him create an adventure with the nine Story Cubes. I almost wanted to keep these at home just so that we could play with them! Clearly, these Story Cubes are engaging and great for the creative mind. 

I haven't done a giveaway in awhile so I have decided that one lucky reader will get their very own set of Rory's Story Cubes! Woot! To enter, check below. Giveaway will end on Monday. 

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