Organize Your Small Groups: The Tech Savvy Way

The last three weeks This week, has been NUTS. 

Or rather an emotional/physical roller coaster....


For a variety of reasons really. I have been sick. Family members have fallen ill. I am the state test coordinator for our school.... 

Do you like how state assessment falls into the same categories of SICK?! 

Anyways, I wanted to show you an AWESOME (and sick, in the cool middle school kind of way) app for your iPad. This is one that I am using as a means to staying organized- specifically for my many small groups that I run. However, if you really wanted to get ambitious you could use this for classroom guidance too. 

I don't typically do technology posts and leave that to the likes of Erin Mason, Danielle Schultz, and Andrea Burston. But, this one is so relevant and useful, I can't help but share it with you all. 

The app is FREE and is called TeacherKit  

This app allows you to organize classes, or small groups in this case, and students. Within each class, you can enter in lesson plans, attendance, and behavioral monitoring of each student. 

Here is a screenshot of the main page of TeacherKit. 
This is a quick view of all the groups you have going on. If you are an avid user of DropBox, like me, this app will connect directly to it as a way to backup your information. In addition, this application is password protected which is helpful to keep the members of your groups confidential. 

Each group, once added, will be identified as a door with a title and  description. 

Now, the juicy stuff. When you enter into your group, you can add a desk for each student that participates. You can insert their picture. Each desk will store data including parents' names, contact information, attendance record, and other notes you might take.

This is such a neat way of staying organized and on track with what lessons you plan on using for your small group. The best part is that it is all in one place!

Finally, one last element I truly appreciate is that within each of your groups you can mass email the parents (or students, if you work with older ones) with relevant information, follow up material after group and more. All with a single push of a button.

I hope that you find this app as useful as I have! Remember, though there is a lot of technology out there, you don't have to use ALL of it. That just becomes overwhelming. Instead, find one or two things that seem really relevant to you and your counseling needs and master them. Then, not only will you be using technology, but you will feel confident using them. 

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  1. This is one of my favorite apps for small groups! I've been using it for a few months and recommend it to everyone!