Coffee Talk with the School Counselor

Since I am in the education system, I have maintained a steady diet of liquid gold.

Or rather lots of coffee and tea.

Now, I know that I am not the only one who has this addiction love.

I think I mentioned in another post that I decided to put on several coffee talks this year centered on different subjects that parents might be interested in. This is a GREAT opportunity for me to connect with parents in our school community in a postive and proactive way. And why not enjoy coffee in the midst of others! Some of the topics include Bullying, Transitions, Academic Success and more. What is great is that you can tailor this to fit your population's needs.

Barbara over at The Corner on Character has hosted her own as well and gave me some great ideas on what I could do to organize it. She suggested an ice-breaker, and although I didn't do that this time, I will for sure be doing that the next. I have to remind myself that although this is an adult event, adults can be awkward too and not know how to start a conversation.

Ultimatley, it was quite a successful event and though I only had eight parents show up, it was great to have the opportunity to connect with them in a way that I don't normally. Numbers don't always mean anything!

I included the agenda that I plan on using for most of these events: CLICK HERE or on the picture above.

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